As you will likely know, staying updated with the latest trends is paramount. One such skyrocketing trend is the “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) video genre on YouTube. With billions of views generated annually, and over 6 billion views in 2023 alone from videos with “grwm” in their titles, it’s a phenomenon that can’t be ignored. So, what can social media managers glean from this growing trend? Let’s dive in.

Understanding the GRWM Phenomenon

At its core, GRWM videos showcase creators getting ready for various events. Be it a day at work, a date night, or a festive occasion. But it’s not just about makeup or hair; it’s about sharing experiences, stories, and often, a slice of life. They transform a private routine into a communal moment. 

Why GRWMs Resonate with Audiences

In today’s fast-paced digital world, attention spans are notably short, especially when consuming content on social media platforms. Videos need a compelling element to keep viewers engaged, and the GRWM genre manages to balance this dynamic. 

While viewers watch a creator prep, style, and ‘get ready’, the accompanying dialogue often delves into topics far removed from the routine. This combination captures attention twofold. Viewers are visually drawn to the transformation process, while their ears are engaged in the one-way conversation.

Instead of a static, one-dimensional monologue, the multifaceted nature of GRWMs offers an enriched viewing experience. The viewer is neither solely watching a makeover nor just listening to a monologue. They’re experiencing a blend that caters to our need for dynamic content, keeping short attention spans engaged for longer.

Do you have to be a beauty/fashion creator to create GRWMs?

Certainly not! 

While the GRWM genre originated in the beauty and fashion niches, its essence lies in sharing personal routines and connecting with viewers on an intimate level. 

Today, GRWMs have evolved to encompass a broad spectrum of activities. You might find a chef sharing their morning routine before a big event. Or, a teacher preparing for the first day of school, or a fitness enthusiast gearing up for a marathon. 

The key is to combine a visually engaging routine with genuine conversation, irrespective of the niche.

It is also important to note that the beauty of a GRWM is that the conversation doesn’t necessarily have to correlate with the activity at hand. While viewers watch a creator’s routine, they can be simultaneously engrossed in discussions about current political or social issues, anecdotes from the creator’s life, or even storytime sessions. 

This layered approach provides depth and versatility to the content, ensuring that GRWMs are not restricted by genre and can resonate with audiences across the board.

An Example: Suzette Fuentes’s GRWM as the Social Media Manager of Chick-Fil-A

As a social media manager for Chick-fil-A, Suzette Fuentes found a way to marry her professional insights with her passion for beauty.

In one of her GRWM videos, Suzette is seen applying her favourite cosmetic products, detailing the benefits and reasons for her choices. But as her makeup routine unfolds, so does a narrative about a day in her career at Chick-fil-A.

On one hand, the viewers are treated to Suzette’s makeup insights. On the other, they get a behind-the-scenes look into the fast-paced world of social media management for one of America’s favourite fast-food chains.

Her approach caters to a diverse audience. Beauty enthusiasts are drawn to her cosmetic routines while budding social media professionals find value in her industry insights, making her content both relatable and educational. By incorporating elements of her job into her GRWM sessions, she not only broadens her audience base but also reinforces the idea that beauty and business, though seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum, can indeed go hand in hand.

How to Incorporate GRWM into Your Strategy

  1. Collaborations with Influencers: Partner with relevant influencers or micro-influencers who align with the brand’s values. They can create GRWM content that subtly integrates the brand’s products or messages while sharing a part of their daily life or a special event.
  2. Behind-The-Scenes Look: Brands can offer a glimpse into the daily routines of their employees or leadership. For instance, a day in the life of a designer or a manager prepping for a big presentation can be intriguing and humanising.
  3. Product Demonstrations: Use the GRWM format to showcase how to use a product. For example, a skincare brand can have a routine where their range of products is used, combined with engaging stories or information.
  4. Addressing Industry Topics: While showcasing a routine, delve into topics pertinent to the brand’s industry. A sustainable fashion brand can discuss environmental issues while showcasing an outfit preparation, for instance.
  5. Engage in Real-time: Consider hosting live GRWM sessions on platforms like Instagram or Facebook Live. This allows for real-time interaction with viewers, answering questions, and fostering a deeper connection.

In Conclusion

The GRWM phenomenon is a testament to the fact that genuine, relatable content is one of the best ways to build a community with your viewers. While rooted in the beauty and fashion realm, the potential of GRWMs spans across various genres, offering a unique blend of visual stimulation and engaging dialogue. 

For Social media managers, this trend presents an invaluable opportunity. By integrating the essence of GRWMs into branded content, you can not only resonate with your target audience but also offer them a multifaceted viewing experience. 

The success of GRWMs underscores the importance of authenticity, relatability, and storytelling on social media. As we move forward, leveraging such trends can make the difference between content that merely exists and content that truly engages.

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Tinisha Osu is a Marketing Executive with two degrees in Psychology. She is the first-author of a published psychology paper and is beginning her career in marketing through blog-writing, creating social media content and running marketing campaigns.