April Fool’s Day is an occasion for brands to showcase their creativity and humour on social media platforms. In recent years, companies have taken advantage of this holiday to generate buzz and engage with their audience through hilarious pranks that have often gone viral. So, let’s look back at some of the most epic April Fool’s Day pranks pulled off by brands on social media in 2023. From fake product launches to outrageous claims, these pranks left audiences stunned, delighted, and often scratching their heads. So, get ready to laugh and maybe even take a second look at that next social media post as we count down the top April Fool’s Day pranks by brands on social media in 2023.

Nescafe Scotch Egg Latte

One of the most surprising and amusing April Fool’s Day pranks by a brand on social media this year was pulled off by Nescafe. The coffee giant announced the launch of a limited edition Nescafe Gold Scotch Egg Latte, which left many people baffled and amused. The description of the drink included “hints of delicious egg and breadcrumbs”, leaving many wondering if this was a serious product launch. This proved to be a hit among Nescafe’s followers, with many taking to social media to express their amusement and disbelief.

Little Moon’s Edible Ball Pit

Another standout prank from the 2023 April Fool’s Day came from Little Moons, the popular Japanese dessert brand. They announced the launch of an edible ball pit filled with their signature Mochi balls, which was met with both excitement and scepticism. The brand cleverly capitalised on fans’ desire to “dive head first into a bowl of them” and created a hilarious image of a ball pit full of Mochi balls.

The prank was received positively on social media, with many people commenting on the humour and creativity of the brand’s marketing team.

The University of Gloucestershire’s BSc (Hons) Cheese Rolling and Exercise Sciences degree

The University of Gloucestershire’s April Fool’s Day prank was one that left many people entertained and surprised. The university announced the launch of a new degree program, the world’s first Cheese Rolling and Exercise Sciences BSc (Hons), which was said to teach students the skills and knowledge to become a cheese-rolling champion. The modules included cheese selection and preparation, cheese rolling event planning, cheese rolling safety, and media and marketing. The announcement was complete with a mock screen-grab on the university’s website, featuring images of students rolling cheese down a hill.

Martha Brook LDN’s biggest launch ever!

Martha Brook LDN, a popular stationery brand, had a memorable April Fool’s Day prank this year with the announcement of the world’s first 365 Days of Stationery Calendar. The announcement on Instagram showcased a massive box filled with various stationery items, from pens and pencils to notepads and stickers. The post even came with a disclaimer, warning followers that the box was too heavy to fit through a letterbox and required two people to lift it safely. The brand’s followers were delighted by the prank, with many expressing their wish for the calendar to be a real product.

This fun and playful approach to marketing not only entertained but also generated buzz for the brand, showcasing its creativity and sense of humour to its audience.

Bully Billows’ Human Harness

Bully Billows, a dog accessories brand, had a humorous April Fool’s Day prank this year with the announcement of a Human Harness. The brand showcased a photo of a person wearing the harness comfortably on their chest. The caption humorously suggested that the harness was designed for people who wanted to be walked by their dogs. The harness included two frontal D-Loops to assist the wearer in case of distraction or a sudden urge to visit a local coffee shop. The announcement was well-received by the brand’s followers, who found the idea hilarious and entertaining. This light-hearted prank showcased the brand’s creativity and sense of humour, while also reinforcing its commitment to designing quality products for pets and their owners.

In conclusion, April Fool’s Day pranks by brands on social media have become a popular way to generate buzz and engage with audiences through creativity and humour. This year’s pranks did not disappoint, with Nescafe’s Scotch Egg Latte, Little Moon’s Edible Ball Pit, the University of Gloucestershire’s Cheese Rolling and Exercise Sciences degree, Martha Brook LDN’s 365 Days of Stationery Calendar, and Bully Billows’ Human Harness being some of the standout announcements this year. These brands successfully entertained and amused their followers while showcasing their sense of humour and creativity. As the world becomes increasingly saturated with content, brands that can make their followers laugh and engage with them in fun and unexpected ways are sure to stand out.

So, did you fall for any April Fools Day pranks this year?

Tinisha Osu is a Marketing Executive with two degrees in Psychology. She is the first-author of a published psychology paper and is beginning her career in marketing through blog-writing, creating social media content and running marketing campaigns.