Welcome back to our monthly Social Media Updates – November 2023 edition. As we prepare for the Christmas festivities, social media continues to evolve rapidly, showing no signs of slowing down for the holidays.

In this month’s session, hosted by industry experts Luan Wise and Andy Lambert, we’ve discovered the latest trends, data insights, and new features across various platforms. To catch all the insights, make sure to view the full video here.

Data Insights

TikTok’s EU database

As we dissect TikTok’s influence within the EU, the numbers are telling. Germany tops the list with 20.9 million users, with Turkey close behind at 19.5 million, highlighting these countries as prime markets for TikTok campaigns. France and Italy also present significant opportunities, with 15.4 and 10.7 million users, respectively.

The UK and Poland are strong contenders too, each with over 10 million TikTok enthusiasts, while Spain commands attention with 9.5 million users. The Netherlands and Greece with over 5 million users each solidify TikTok’s grip across Europe.

These insights offer social media managers a clear picture of where to focus their efforts for engaging European audiences on TikTok.

LinkedIn’s EU userbase

LinkedIn has a robust presence in the EU with 45.2 million monthly active users and a total of 132.5 million monthly logged-out site visits, indicating significant engagement both from logged-in users and visitors.

  • Top Markets: France leads with 9.9 million users, followed by Germany (5.7 million), and Spain (4.9 million), highlighting these countries as key audiences on LinkedIn.
  • High Engagement: Notably, the monthly average logged-in site visits are highest in France (23.7 million), Germany (26.3 million), and Spain (11.6 million), suggesting these users are highly active on the platform.
  • Emerging Markets: Countries like Poland and the Netherlands show a significant number of users, with 2 million and 4.7 million respectively, indicating growing markets for LinkedIn in the region.
  • Potential for Growth: Smaller member states like Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus have fewer users, ranging from 100,000 to 300,000.

How consumption of news on social media is changing

The Pew Research Center released some interesting data, showing how the consumption of news on social media is changing, focusing on the portion of users who regularly get news on various social media platforms from 2020 to 2023.

Here are some key insights:

  • X: An increase from 59% in 2020 to 64% in 2023
  • YouTube: Shows a significant increase from 32% in 2020 to 38% in 2023
  • Instagram: Increased from 22% to 34%
  • TikTok: More than doubled from 19% to 43%
  • Snapchat: Remains relatively stable with a slight increase from 15% to 17%.
  • LinkedIn: Slight increase from 12% to 13%
  • WhatsApp: Shows growth from 11% to 17%
  • Twitch: Remains stable at 12% from 2020 to 2023.
  • Nextdoor: Increased significantly from 17% to 28%

For social media managers, this data underscores shifting trends in news consumption across platforms, with significant growth observed on Instagram, TikTok, and Nextdoor, indicating these platforms could be increasingly leveraged for news distribution. 

These trends also suggest a diversification of news sources beyond traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

TikTok usage is plateauing amongst teens

Forrester recently highlighted the usage of social media platforms among teens, specifically focusing on TikTok, YouTube, and the short-form video features on these platforms such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

These insights suggest that while TikTok’s usage is beginning to plateau among teens, platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are gaining traction.

Time spent watching Reels on Instagram

Adam Mosseri recently shared some insights during an Instagram Q&A session. He shared that Reels make up 50% of the time spent on Instagram. This signals a continued significance for short-form video content. This suggests an emphasis on crafting engaging Reels, leveraging new features, and closely tracking their performance. 

New Social Media Features


  • Ad-Free Subscription: Facebook and Instagram now offer an ad-free experience for a subscription fee.
  • Reels Creation from Existing Clips: Users can now create Reels on Facebook using their existing video clips, enhancing content repurposing.
  • A/B Testing for Organic Posts: This feature allows for better optimisation of content based on audience engagement, and now it is available for organic posts.
  • Increased Discoverability for Creators: Facebook is improving how creators’ content is discovered, potentially leading to increased audience growth. There is now an Achievements hub in the professional dashboard where all achievements across Education, Stars, Reels, and Progression are in one place. Creators who are 18+ and finish all progression levels can become eligible to get increased visibility in Feed or have the Rising Creator label featured on their page or profile.
  • Enhanced Insights for Creators: More detailed analytics are now available, helping creators understand their audience better. Now when you visit Insights you’ll see your account highlights for the week (both aggregated and individually), revealing insights on your posting habits, your audience, and your content’s performance. 
  • New Subscribe Button for Creators: For creators looking to deepen engagement and provide added value to their most dedicated followers, Facebook’s subscription feature allows access to premium content. This model empowers fans to directly support their favourite creators through a monthly financial contribution. In return, subscribers gain access to exclusive content that isn’t available to the general audience.
  • ‘Share to Threads’ Option: Facilitates content sharing across different platforms.
  • Alt Text on Threads: Enhances accessibility for desktop publishing.


  • Collaborators for Broadcast Channels: This allows for cooperative content creation and wider audience reach.
  • Tagging Broadcast Channels in Feed Posts: Enhances visibility and discoverability of broadcast channels.
  • Highlighting Post Replies in Stories: Offers a new way to engage with audience feedback.
  • Boosting Mentioned Posts: Provides an opportunity for increased visibility when mentioned by others.
  • New Notification Sticker: Helps in alerting followers about new content.
  • ‘Close Friends’ Sharing for Feed Posts and Reels: Allows for more intimate and targeted content sharing for those closest to you.
  • New Reels Editing Tools: Includes new fonts, text-to-speech voices, and the ability to add GIF clips.
  • Enhanced Reels Insights: Separates initial plays from replays for better engagement analysis.
  • Downloading Reels Clips: Offers more flexibility in content usage.


  • AI-Driven Content Summaries: This feature will help in the quick consumption of relevant content. As explained by LinkedIn: “Our new AI-powered experience will analyze your feed’s posts (from the commentary to the article to the conversation) and reveal the key salient opportunities for you…in one simple click… in seconds. It will take on the hard work of parsing through long articles, videos, and posts and suggest ideas on how the information can be helpful to you. Then you’ll get to spend your valuable time taking action on it.”
  • AI-Driven Job Fit Analysis: Assists users in finding the most suitable job opportunities. These improvements are intended to optimise job listings, making them more effective in reaching the right audience.

Twitter (X)

  • Grok, the AI-driven chatbot is coming to X, trained on X data: It is currently in limited testing, with plans for a broader launch in the near future. According to Elon Musk, it is intended to be “anti-woke”, with less censorship of potentially sensitive topics. 
Grok chatbot


  • Customise your TikTok algorithm: You can set preferences for what you see. E.g. “I’d like less magic in my For You feed in the next 2 weeks”

Other Social Media Platforms

Are you using Threads? This amusing chart highlights the thoughts that most of us are feeling with the platform right now

  • Basic Analytics on Threads: Provides top-level insights into content performance.
  • Increased Post Discoverability Through Facebook and Instagram: Users will now likely see Threads posts on their Facebook news feed.
  • Pinning Posts on Threads: Highlight important content for better visibility. You can also pin a reply to your post.
  • Snapchat’s AI-Free Subscription: Offers an ad-reduced experience on Snapchat+ for $15.99/ month.
  • Google Displays Total YouTube Followers in Search Results: Enhances visibility and credibility of YouTube channels.
  • YouTube’s ‘For You’ Feed: Personalises content discovery based on user preferences.


  1. Social media is changing. The decline of feed post sharing along with the rise of Ad-free subscriptions and niche communities is a very interesting trend to watch.
  2. Instagram Reels is growing quickly. Meta is recovering lost ground to TikTok, usage is growing, and a plethora of new features have been launched to help us leverage this format.
  3. Facebook is leaning into ‘creators’. For the first time, we’re seeing Facebook confirm how they are ranking organic content. Right now, it’s content from creators they want to prioritise.
  4. Threads usage is climbing. After a decline in growth post-launch, Threads is again demonstrating the incredible power of Meta to replicate – and make a success of other’s features.

With a shift from traditional feed posts to the growth of niche communities and creator-focused content, how do you plan to adapt your marketing to capitalise on these trends and maximise engagement on your platforms?

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