More and more podcasts are becoming available, filling every niche imaginable. For us marketers, there are hundreds of podcasts on the market, providing us with marketing insights and the newest trends. However, there are also podcasts that are not as directly targeted towards marketers, and are more likely to indirectly inspire. These can provide a different look into the business and marketing world, and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

So, we have picked out three podcasts to discuss in celebration of National Podcast Day on 30th September 2022. 

The Diary of a CEO, Steven Bartlett

Starting off with a very popular podcast, The Diary of a CEO. Steven Bartlett, the youngest Dragon on BBC’s Dragons Den hosts an array of guests from business entrepreneurs; celebrities and other influential people. His aim is to delve into their journey, their childhood and essentially discover why and how they got to where they are today. Despite having a focus on the business world, The Diary of a CEO has a raw, honest and emotional aspect to it and audiences are often left feeling empowered and inspired. 

Steven has a highly successful marketing background. His previous endeavour as CEO and founder of Social Chain made him a millionaire in his early twenties. He often speaks about his own experience with influencer marketing before it even had a name. But, despite his own knowledge of the marketing industry, some of his guests provide deeper insight from their own experiences.

For example, in his recent episode with Rory Sutherland, the author of Alchemy and Senior Advertising Executive, he delves into the unconventional approach to business and marketing. He spoke about the reasons why some ideas connect with people and some ideas don’t and has devoted his career to applying human psychology to business and marketing- understanding not just why people should do things, but why they actually do them. 

In this episode, Rory gives the example of how Uber became so successful by understanding human psychology. When we call a taxi, we experience a small amount of anxiety around the unknown. “When will the taxi get here?”, “What if I’m late?”, “Should I wait at the window in case they turn up now?”. The anxiety around these questions can be eased in many ways. Rory explains that a typical engineer will look at investing time and energy into faster vehicles, more drivers, more experienced drivers, etc. However, a marketer who has the added level of insight into consumer behaviour could take a different approach. Uber is so popular because of the ability to track vehicles. There is much less uncertainty and is an easy thing to market.

Goal Digger, Jenna Kutcher

Compared to The Diary of a CEO, the Goal Digger podcast falls more into the marketing niche, but it still has a wide variety of content. The live-workshop style podcast is meant to ‘redefine success and chase bold dreams’. Some of their popular episodes include ‘5 Ways to Prioritise Experiences Over Stuff’; ‘How to Use Your Business to Support Social Good While Making a Profit’; and ‘Why a Digital Course Side Hustle Could Be Your Game Changer’. 

Jenna Kutcher, the host of Goal Digger and successful blogger is an expert at online marketing. Her passion is sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to make a living doing with they love (without it taking over their life). Aside from her podcast Goal Digger, she also shares personal stories about her life, fertility journey and travel tips. For entrepreneurs, she provides advice on running a business without losing your mind. As well as providing tips on how to succeed in your career, Jenna also asks hard-hitting questions about her listeners’ personal lives and how it affects their career.

In a 40-minute podcast episode titled ‘This Episode Will FINALLY Get You to Start and Grow Your Email List’, Jenna Kutcher shares her list building story, how her profits grew as her list grew, and why an email list must be a priority if you’re strapped for time. She also shares some handy tricks about ROI and automating emails. In this, she speaks about her love of social media, this is still ever present. However, she explains that the followers on those platforms are not yours. They are Facebook’s or Instagram’s or Pinterest’s- whichever platform you are on. They are not your retail space and we are essentially renting them. It is important to remain consistent with social media, as a way to connect and share your story, make a difference and impact people. But, a strategy should be established to grow your email list from your social media following. This is in order to drive profits and promote sales. 

From the Goal Digger podcast, you will receive hints and tips, just like other targeted marketing podcasts. But you will also gain a more personal and chatty insight that makes it feel informal, even though the information being portrayed is valuable.

Social Minds Podcast, Eve Young and Calum MacLeod

Social Minds is the UK’s first-ever dedicated social media marketing podcast, which is a Social Chain production. It is hosted by Eve Young, Senior Copywriter for Social Chain and Calum MacLeod, Head of Creative Shop at Social Chain. Both Eve and Calum bring a unique take to the podcasting world, with a combined 10 years of experience in marketing and both possessing great hosting skills.

In the most recent Social Minds podcast, Michael Corcoran, Ryanair’s head of social media speaks about their controversial life and ‘snarky’ approach to their social media. Wanting to be the most talked about brand on social media, their social media strategy included low-fi TikTok memes and reactive Twitter gags. Through this almost-risky approach, the brand successfully gained 111 million organic impressions in a month- so clearly they are doing something right! They definitely push the boundaries with professionalism when it comes to social media, but Michael explains how far Ryanair believes they can push it before the backlash gets too big. 

Some brand experts that have appeared on the Social Minds podcast recently include people from Innocent Drinks, LinkedIn, Meta, Trustpilot, Puma and Weetabix. This array of guests proves that there certainly is something for everyone with Social Minds and is a great all-rounder podcast for social media inspiration.


Overall, these three podcasts serve as a helpful guide to anyone in the marketing industry. They each add a different aspect and sense of inspiration and we highly recommend giving all three a listen. 

Tinisha Osu is a Marketing Executive with two degrees in Psychology. She is the first-author of a published psychology paper and is beginning her career in marketing through blog-writing, creating social media content and running marketing campaigns.