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Legal Templates

Customisable legal templates to support your business.

Find out why you need these documents in this Q&A interview with legal strategist Janet Alexandersson.


Frequently Asked Questions

These templates have been written by Janet Alexandersson, and reviewed from a practitioner perspective by marketing consultant Luan Wise.

Janet Alexandersson is a Swedish lawyer specialising in international business law. Having studied at Uppsala University and the University of Toronto, Janet is experienced in common and civil law as well as being an experienced litigator in both private and family law.
Providing both remote consultation and hands-on implementation, Janet works with startups and multinational clients from all over the world and predominantly focuses on business-related contracts such as partnership agreements, web policies, and contractor agreements.

Luan Wise is a chartered marketer and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM). 

Yes, each document contains yellow highlights to indicate sections that you may want to add, edit or delete to reflect your own situation. 

Please DO NOT change anything in the documents that isn’t highlights in yellow. Please email if you have any queries.

Legal Disclaimer: Neither ‘The Lighthouse’ nor Janet Alexandersson takes legal responsibility for any of the contracts or policies once they have been edited by the buyer.