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IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, is the UK’s only not-for-profit membership organisation for the self-employed. Between IPSE’s policy campaigns, website full of resources, and member benefits, it has everything to support the self-employed, all in one place.

IPSE membership

A membership with IPSE gives you the tools to protect and grow your business, a community to meet fellow freelancers and importantly, the opportunity to add your voice to campaigns in industry and government.

Protect yourself

An IPSE membership offers you a suite of essential insurances, such as up to £10,000* in cover if a client, umbrella company or agency goes into administration. Membership also offers cover against HMRC tax investigations, compensation for contract failure, cover for jury service and so much more.

Grow your business

As a member, you also gain access to 24-hour helplines, a wide selection of essential templates, and a benefits platform to access the best deals.

Get involved

As more and more people go into freelancing seeking freedom and flexibility, IPSE is working hard to make sure politicians recognise this and make the UK a good place for them to do business. By becoming a member of IPSE you add your voice to this cause.

Join a community

Plus, when you join IPSE, you join a supportive community of people who have chosen to be their own boss. Events, forums and our online groups all help you get to know other IPSE members from a range of industries.

*Conditions apply

IPSE Incubator

Considering going freelance or in the early stages of your self-employed career?

IPSE’s new Incubator is a 12-month programme of dedicated content and advice, to start you on your self-employed journey.

Combining the knowledge, support and protection you need, with dedicated helplines and experienced staff, IPSE ensures your self-employed business gets its best chance of success.

Enrolment in the Incubator is currently free with any level of IPSE membership.