Storm Ideas

About Storm IdeaS

Founded in 2008, we are an international team that works with incredible and globally-recognized clients all over the world, particularly in the US TV industry.

Whether it’s developing our own products, producing engaging social content en-masse, or designing and delivering services to help our clients work more efficiently, our work is varied, exciting, and at the very forefront of the latest technology and trends.

Currently, we are a growing team of 175+ people, but still looking for new colleagues who make an impact and believe in the same ideas and values as we do.

If the idea of a fast-paced, dynamic role with tonnes of opportunity for change, responsibility, and innovation sounds exciting to you, then read on!


What can you expect?  

  • Reviewing and scheduling content across a variety of social networks and YouTube channels

  • Coordinating with Storm Ideas’ content production, copywriting and captioning teams

  • Optimising content for social media with effective thumbnails and copy

  • Monitoring social media accounts and gathering performance data

  • Analysing social performance and generating reports and recommendations

  • Researching clients’ shows/movies via pre-release footage, internal documents, audience culture and competitor analysis

  • Managing and organising images, videos and GIFs to be produced by our in-house team

  • Assisting with the setup and documentation of internal processes for new projects