Instagram is a great social media app that allows you to share your photos and videos with millions of users around the world. But you can greatly improve your Instagram experience by using a few apps…

Instagram only lets you add one link to your bio. provides a smart link which, when tapped, opens a handy menu that allows people to access multiple links.  You can give Instagram users access to your website, blog, products and more.

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The Repost app provides a way for you to quickly and easily repost all the content you like from Instagram, whilst making sure to always credit the original poster.

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Canva is a graphic design website that works via a very simple drag and drop system. You can use it to create professional looking graphics, with no need to learn how to use complicated Photoshop type software. The site provides a huge selection of images, shapes, fonts, icons and filters, and you can try it out for free.

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Wordswag allows you to quickly layer beautiful text over your images. If you can’t think of what words to use, Wordswag allows you to choose from one amongst hundreds of preprepared aphorisms, sayings, quotations and jokes.

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Snapseed is a free app for quickly and easily editing your pictures to achieve a range of different looks. As well as simple adjustments such as contrast and colour, Snapseed allows you to add frames, filters and textures, and adjust perspective.

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Werble helps you turn your photos into animated works of art called “werbles”. The animations are based on simple looping gifs, and so take only a few seconds to set up and apply. You can then quickly share your werble to Instagram, as well as to Twitter and Facebook.

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Getting stressed about finding the time to make all the Instagram posts you need to? Planoly allows you to plan your Instagram feed in advance, scheduling and managing your content from a range of different devices. You can even manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

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Tagomatic helps you to effectively spread your Instagram content to a wider audience by making it much easier to find and add useful hashtags. Getting the right tags on your pictures and videos will significantly increase your likes and follows. You just type in a word, and Tagomatic searches through the current trending tags to suggest the best options. You can then open up Instagram and paste alongside your post.

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Do you know of any useful Instagram apps to add to this list?

Luan Wise is the Editor of TheLighthouse.Social