What makes a good Facebook marketing group?

As marketers, it is not uncommon for us to work within a relatively small team and often encounter challenges that we must take to Google to find the correct answer. Especially as we live in a world where social media marketing is a very much a work-from-home job and many of us are likely working from our sofa as we speak.

Even if you don’t work within a small marketing team, I imagine that sometimes it is difficult to know who is best to seek advice from for a particular problem.

Our recommended solution: Facebook Groups.

By joining a Facebook Group, you automatically become a part of an online community of people with shared passions and abilities. So, if you do encounter a problem whilst working, you will have access to a group full of people that will have likely encountered a similar problem and are willing to share some advice.

Whether you need some SEO brainiacs or email campaign experts, Facebook Groups contain the perfect ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ of marketers. Also, marketing is a field that is constantly changing. There is always a new blog, book or newsletter for latest trends or how-to guides.

Not only that, but most of these groups contain interesting and engaging discussions that you can either get involved in or watch from the side-lines. This is another way for you to stay on top of trends, whilst also having the ability to discuss and get various opinions on certain topics.

Here are our favourite 3 Facebook Groups for social media managers:

Avocado Social Media Hub

Founder: Alison Battisby

Group type: Private

Member count: 4.9K

The Avocado Social Media Hub was first created in 2015. It is a friendly community for those looking to improve their social media marketing. In this group you will find useful social media articles, top apps, hacks and even jobs. Everyone helps everyone in this group, no matter the issue.

A lot of recent posts include people asking for professional recommendations and guidance on specific social media queries. Further, some even head to the group to ask about salary and social media marketing pay- which can be very helpful for someone just starting out in the field. A lot of people find comfort in discussing particular challenges that they are facing on social media, such as a higher rate of unfollowing. This is met by people who are sharing similar stories, which just adds to the community vibe of this group.

Similarly, the above comment was posted into the Avocado Social Media Hub as this member was struggling with Facebook leads. Then, some members offered support by offering suggestions such as trying different platforms, Facebook advertising and other great ideas. The community spirit is definitely felt in this group!

The Comms Creatives Club

Founder: Helen Reynolds

Group type: Private

Member count: 2.1K

As the group has been building traction since 2016, The Comms Creatives Club has a tight-knit community of people who love all things comms. People in the group support each other to be more creative and confident, and also share advice and techniques. The aim is simple: for all members to become more skilled and successful in their careers.

This group is full of engaging people who are happy to offer support to their fellow members. One member even expressed their love for the group by stating that “I’d rather go straight with someone’s recommendation rather than trawling through Google”. Even though this is a comms group, people have built up such a rapport with other members that you will likely find people asking more general and personal questions. For example, book recommendations and talking about Brad Pitt in the 90s (a personal favourite).

But don’t worry, people still talk comms. Some suggestions for how to improve comms in the workplace prompted an interesting and creative discussion, people share admired comms from big accounts such as NHS London and the Royal Albert Hall. From this, people can take inspiration for their own comms as they’re able to see real opinions on what these big accounts share. Some members even like to share personal comms, particularly posts that did really well, followed by some advice.

Social Media Geek Out

Founder: Matt Navarra

Group type: Private

Member count: 27.8K

Matt Navarra created The Social Media Geek Out’s Facebook group in 2017 and it has grown into a very popular and successful online community. The members like to engage with posts by sharing personal experiences and opinions when someone asks a question.

Everyone is really helpful and new updates to social media platforms are shared in good time, with people able to provide their thoughts on them. Even if people have conflicting opinions, this just sprouts more respectful discussions instead of the long-winded arguments we are all guilty of reading in Facebook comments.

Members of this group are candid in sharing about their likes and dislikes and often ask for recommendations for social media tools. Further, interesting debates on topics such as engagement are common practice for this group, such as the example below:

In this discussion, members spoke about accounts with higher amounts of followers having lower engagement rates due to inactive followers and bot accounts. Helpful blogs were shared with the member who asked the question with helpful engagement guidelines and even some funny and relatable GIFs were thrown into the mix.

This is certainly a group for those who want an engaging conversation about social media topics with some advice and lighthearted debates.

Final Thoughts

Overall, all three of these groups have a great community feel and despite some small differences, they are all great groups for any social media lover. Whether you are just starting out in marketing or are currently in a role, you will find benefits from all three of these fun, creative and engaging communities.

Tinisha Osu is a Marketing Executive with two degrees in Psychology. She is the first-author of a published psychology paper and is beginning her career in marketing through blog-writing, creating social media content and running marketing campaigns.